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so has anyone seen the two brothers V.A.L.E. Pipes? I was thinking about taking one of the short versions for the r6/gsxr600 and making an under/through tail system i'm no good at photoshop so i can't share my visual with you at the moment. but i don't like hte stock beer tray on my 695, and high mount pipes look ok, but i like the idea of going full custom. the two bro's pipe is a 2.25 straight through center, and it's 4.85" wide 3.something tall. i'm wondering how much it's going to effect performance if i was to run a 2-1 system? i have a feeling back pressure might not be reduce but i was hoping i would atleast be able to make the same perfomance gains as a set of slip-on's.

another idea would be make my own exhause can...somehow.... but about 5.5" wide and 2 inlets with one large outlet ;D same location, but i have no idea how i'd get the nice end caps, or get the glass to pack it with :(

anyways just wanted to post this to see what you all thought
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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