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Had to give in and send the bike into the shop...

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Well, after leaving my newly purchased 99' M900 sit for about 3 months due to the oil warning light coming on I finally gave in and brought it to the dealer. The thing I don't get is how this started happening after I removed the engine case (on the clutch side) to replace a few seals since oil started leaking into the clutch area. I put it all back together just like it said in the manual and in the same way as it came apart. Took it for a ride and as soon as it warmed up the oil light came on. No oil leaks anywhere, but the uncomforting red oil light is not what I wanted to see. I was so discouraged at the time that I couldnt tear back into it, and now it's too cold for me to be working out in the driveway. Plus, it won't start now either... Despite have a full charge on the battery it still cranks slow and just won't fire up.

I can't wait to get it back, but sure I won't like the bill for the service. :(
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Re: Had to give in and send the bike into the shop

man, I'm sorry to hear that.....

Did you change the oil pressure sending unit? it could have gone bad....
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