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thinking out loud.....
ifin people's goin ta be changing sprockets and stuff.....anyway want to group purchase this(see link).....anyone want to see if local shops will give us discount on parts and stuff?
if we had us a logo and web site with shop linkage......if would be easy to approach dem for these things...if we go for ride tomorrow want to meet about dis stuff?
okay waiting for coffee to kick in.......okay who has a tire changer?


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maybe work out a deal with Manley? I know John is in tight with them. I guess first things first though. We need to get a website up and running. I passed our info on to two more Duc owners through a teacher at school last night. We should put flyers up at the Duc dealers and Manley also.

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tony what happened?
a lucid post.
sorry I was just a little taken aback.... ::)

great idea....the flyers...really I mean it.
great idea....

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dissapoint,......again amazing stuff sensei.
that's the nv for sure, it is the new lexicon
of the post avant garde age....way past the y and z
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