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Is the plan to meet these guys at Bob's at 7:30, or is something else planned for your shoot.....?
7:30? what are they thinkin? Crap.......

anyone else helping Kim out and how many guys and gals do you need?
I'm just finishing up around 7:30, she would be mad if I left the twirl out...... ;D


is that a clockwise or counterclockwise twirl? I always end up trying to get the knuckle worked in. ;)
dude where didya go to skool.........it goes both ways and spirals....and is much better left handed......think of waves....

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Ok I am planning on Shooting the ride Arnel has planned. We are starting from Bob's at :eek: 7:30. It is really early but I guess that might be ok. Not a lot of cars. Peirre Told me he has to be back by 12:00 so I think he may be riding it. I will be at Bob's by 7:15. I must drive my car. It sucks but that's the breaks. I will update you as to where I will be taking the photos as I formulate a game plan.
So be at Bob's around 7:30 if you want to go and be in the book.
The rest of the route follows:

1. 94 East to Afton
2. Take 95/15 South (exit 253)
3. Left (east) on Hudson Road
4. Right (south) on 21 (Stagecoach Trail turns to St. Croix Trail in Afton)
5. Follow 21 to 10
6. Left on 10 to Prescott, WI
7. Right on 35 (south) towards Nelson
8. Left on
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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