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Hello all. I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Bob and I have been a Monster addict since I bought my M750 Dark in 2000. :cool: I LOVE my Duc. What a great bike. But... I do have a problem - it's not running.

In recent years I have also fallen in love with classic Honda's and am in the process (nearly done) of rebuilding a hot-rodded CB750. I have come to rely heavily on message boards for problems related to that and learned that a good online message board is the best way to deal with just about any problem (and cheaper than a dealer's labor costs). Of the Ducati forums that I have found, this one seems to be the best. Hopefully you all might be able to give me a hand.

Anyway, the problem that I am having with my Monster is that the pickup coil for the Horizontal Cylinder is gone. I was hoping it was one of the ignitor boxes (cheaper) or the ignition coil (I have a spare), but no; It's the pick up coil. Could anyone point me in the best direction to get a replacement part? Will I have to go through a dealer, or are there online shops where I can get one?

Thanks all!!
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