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Hey All,

This original thread is buried in the past, so starting it up as a new one. A couple of months ago Chris did the 12K service on my '01 m600, and also pulled the engine to replace the leaking cylinder base gasket on the upright cylinder. He did a super clean job, was very upfront about what would cost what, what needed to be done, what could wait until later, etc. It was a lot of work done extremely well at a very reasonable cost. If you are at all anywhere near Cincy, definitely give Chris a call, I know that I will when my bike needs servicing again. Don't go through dealer service hell, slide your business to a fellow Duc enthusiast instead. Chris will treat your bike like it's his own, and that's a rare thing!


I'm a Certified Ducati Technician located in Cincinnati doing Ducati service on the side. I have the shims and tools needed to do 600,6k,12k services. I'm fraction of the cost of the local dealer and do it on my time so I don't have an owner breathing down my back to hurry up and get it done.

I'm currently an aircraft mechanic on corp. jets and have worked in shops for the past 10 years. I raced AMA 250GP bikes and WERA for several years. So my hobby includes working on bikes while making a little play money.

Chris Nicoloff
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