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sconly said:
as the subject states, I have good news for me but because I am happy about it I will probably lowside due to bad karma later on down the road.

back in 1995 my mother passed away from cancer and did so quickly. doctors told her she had 6mo to a year to live and she passed 4mo later. my sister and I were young and just trying to get out on our own and to make things more difficult we had an evil step father (I am sure come of you can relate) my mother wanted one thing for my sister and I and that was to get away from him. she tried to get her finances in order so that my sister and I could move away together but due to the short time she had her attempt to do help her children one last time failed. she had left her share of the house to my sister and I and the only way we would benefit from it would be when the house was sold or refinanced. I managed to do fine on my own as did my sister and I think we both just wrote that entire deal off and just assumed my step father just screwed us out of it somehow as lawyers couldnt seem to shed any light on the subject.

anyway an already long story short. I recieved and email today from a cousin I never hear from (he is on step fathers side of family so not really a cousin) anyway he says that step father is not doing so hot and they are trying to move him into an assited living situation but to do so they need to sell the house. when the house is sold my sister and I will take the first 20k from the sale and he gets whats left. it doesnt sound like much but when the house was purchased the cost was 70k and was split between my mother, her husband and his brother (3 ways) my sister and I get her 3rd.

part of me wants to invest the money, but what I will probably do is pay off all my bills as I do not have much, this way I can start working on making my credit better (horrible credit habits when I was younger) and then use the rest to help purchase the S4RS I really want.

this news makes me very happy as I initially I was planning on picking up an S2R1000 this spring but that d**n S4RS test ride I took screwed that whole plan up. so since the price difference was quite significant it didnt look like springtime was in the cards, close,... but no cigar.

things are different now, I am thrilled about this news and I will probably go to hell for it because I am rejoicing and on the other end of things my step father is dieing (I have never liked him nor has my sister) but I was raised by my mother so I have a conscience and I am someone who wishes no harm or ill will towards anyone.

what would you do or feel if you were in my shoes?
Why is it only 1/3 of the original purchase price instead of 1/3 of the selling price? That seems weird.

If I were in your shoes - $10k doesn't go nearly as far as it sounds like it should.
I personally would split it to thirds. 1/3 to paying off bills, 1/3 to savings/rainy day fund, 1/3 to play (good down payment on a bike.)

Oh - and I would buy an S2R1k way before I would buy the RS. If I wanted something really fast, it'd be the 1098 or japenese.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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