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Hello everyone,

I came across a local bike, a '01 dark M600. It has 4k miles, excellent condition and the owner is asking $4k or OBO.

I have a '03 Triumph Tiger for touring and long rides and was thinking about getting the little monster for around-town riding.

Is it a good deal? I'm hoping the price is good enough that I can try the duc, and flip it for a bigger monster if I like it.

Thanks for the help,

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Thanks for the replies, they were helpful.

For lunch today, I went by the local dealer to get his take. They seem to think that the 800 would be the way to go, saying the old 600 is a bit weak and the 620 will have me coming back for more. Sat on the 800 about 30 minutes shooting the crap w/ the gang. I really like the feel of the bike, but thought the riding position was a bit extreme vs. the tiger. Is riding comfort an issue with the monsters? I'm 6' 1" and 180#.

I'll probably ride the 800 demo and make my decision then, but didn't know if anyone had opinions on the riding position/comfort.


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The only common comfort issue that I have heard about is the fact that the seat is not comfortable for distance riding. That is not a huge issue though since there are after market seats available from Sargent and Corbin, maybe somebody else too? Custom seat is also a possibility too, more expensive though. I don't mind my seat, but I don't ride distance very often.

Be careful taking full stock in what dealers say, there are some corrupt people in the business. If the decision is now between the 620 and 800 then I am under the impression that the 800 isn't enough power difference to justify the cost over a 620. Other than the engine, they are basically the same bikes. If you want power, look into a 900, 1000, or S4R.

I would get the 620 and take that extra money you save over the 800 and get a pitbul rear stand, maybe some extra goodies (exhaust) and save the rest for services, the come up really fast.
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