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Givi topcase rack for 2002-newer Monsters

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Well, after much frustration trying to find a topcase solution for my 2004 Monster 620, I ended up buying a Givi topcase mount and the $60 Givi knockoff topcase trunk form JCWhitney. Everyone I talked to told me the Givi rack would not fit Monsters newer than '01. I didn't believe them. So I took a chance, figuring if it didn't work I could always return it, or possible try to fab up some brackets to get it to work.
Let me just say forst that this mount was definitely NOT designed to work on '02 and above Monsters. Just by holding it up to the frame it is obvious. But, with very little fabbing and a little tweaking, I was able to get it to fit very securely. I have been riding all week with the new topcase and loving it! Now the JCWhitney topcase was also not designed to work with this rack, but that didn't stop me either. Once again, a little coercing and I was able to get it to work.
Just thought I'd plant the seed for anyone who was interested in doing a mod like this. I know there are other solutions out there, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I was unsure of whether I would even like or use. In all, I probably have about $175 invested in the fitup. I know i should have, but I did not take any pics during assembly, but if anyone is interested, I could get some pics to post.
Just thought this would be a good FYI...
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I've been thinking about the same thing: which rack did you end up using (model number)? Wondering if you left exhaust the same or had to work that as well.

Also, some pictures would be nice...

I ended up buying the following from twistedthrottle: http://www.twistedthrottle.com/trade/productview/792/171/
Pretty nice product. I have the stock exhaust on the bike and I did not even have to touch it. The frame for the mount bolts in a couple of places. First, it hasa bracket that mounts between the footpeg/exhaust hanger mounts, then a metal strap that is supposed to bolt to the frame about midway back, then finally a tab that is supposed to be bolted directly into the rear hole of the frame like a bar end. It's a little easier to understand with pics. I'll try to get some and post them for you.
Good stuff, I'm looking forward to the pics.

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