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Getting a Monster on Sat!!

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I am currently deployed to Bosnia but on Sat my old man is picking up my new (to me) race bike. Its a yellow 2001 M600. Clip ons, rear sets, jetted, K+N, SIL Motor carbon high mounts, and more. I am so excited I can hardly sleep! The bad part is I wont even see it in person untill the middle of March!! Till then it will have to share the garage with a 2003 636 and a 72 CB350. The waiting is killing me!!

Had to vent thanks!!!

Ohh yeah , I live in Hudson WI so I am sure I will see some of you around! ;D
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P.S. who you with? ANG or Reserves? MOS? I'm a former 11B/M formerly of the 3rd Bde/24th ID (now 3rd/3rd ID). Watch your six and stay safe!
11B? Isnt that the guys that clean up horse sh!t in the parades?
I was a 93P/15P- I was the guy that made coffee for the brigade commander.
so are you going to make it street legal, or just race it?
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