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Getting a Monster on Sat!!

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I am currently deployed to Bosnia but on Sat my old man is picking up my new (to me) race bike. Its a yellow 2001 M600. Clip ons, rear sets, jetted, K+N, SIL Motor carbon high mounts, and more. I am so excited I can hardly sleep! The bad part is I wont even see it in person untill the middle of March!! Till then it will have to share the garage with a 2003 636 and a 72 CB350. The waiting is killing me!!

Had to vent thanks!!!

Ohh yeah , I live in Hudson WI so I am sure I will see some of you around! ;D
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Congrats on the new bike! Even if you were back you'd have to wait until at least March to ride it. We've got a nice little snowstorm hitting town that's been dumping snow all day. Not really riding weather :) I got my M900 late this fall and didn't get a chance to ride it much so I know what you're going through. Get home safe and then you can hit the twisties up and down the St Croix valley to your hearts content. Cheers,
P.S. who you with? ANG or Reserves? MOS? I'm a former 11B/M formerly of the 3rd Bde/24th ID (now 3rd/3rd ID). Watch your six and stay safe!
No, no that's a 19D Cav Scout. The only thing the Infantry cleans is the little bits of REMFs that get stuck in your boot treads after a good bar brawl or the remnants of generic indigenous targets that stick to your boots after you pop'em. I've got a couple of buddies who just got back from tours in Afghani-land, Bosnia and my cousin who just got back from Baghdad. I've put my time in and wish all the guys who are overseas a safe and speedy return. Cheers,
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