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well, I could not get confirmation from his publicist to do the shoot. Also, and I would want to do the same thing, he was going to Paisley Park and then directly to the show. Since I wanted to shoot 8x10 polaroids and I need more space then not I could not set up if I was not tore down before the show so there was no way to complete the mission even on spec, which they said I could try to do.....everyone thinks I am just going to bring a 35mm in and nothing else....I noticed on the Warren Zevon special that Matthew Rolston, a fairly famous photog in LA, was shooting Warren with 8x10 polaroid also.....
She said I was welcome to shoot the show which is exactly what I did not want to do....The fineline I must
say was very accomodating and helpful, by the way cool place if you haven't been since the fire......new sound system is very good..and some good bands coming this month......incl. calexico...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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