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I live on the Fraser Coast, Queensland, Australia. I ride a 08 696. Mostly as a commuter but do like to cut a little lose every now and then, the bike can hold its own in most cases. But nothing serious on road these days. Will head back to track one day, Used to ride classic road bikes and loved the track days & club level racing, but no budget for it now and not willing to trash my commuter...I have some ideas for its life when the millage climbs to high and my next commuter comes along. Was a mechanic in earlier life but not motorcycle specific. I will mostly do my own maintenance and mods after expiry of factory warrante. I have been fairly put of with my dealings with Ducati dealers so far... Italy is marginally more useful but have been able to solve most issues through reading this site and sourcing parts thought site advertisers.

I will likely lurk around the how to boards and trading boards for hints and tips.


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