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G'Day All,
Nooby here from Canberra Australia, I ve been "restoring" classics for a while, mostly sticking to 70's Honda's, but due to a 10yr ownership from new of a 1978 Darmah 900 many moons ago, (pre wife, mortgage, kids, 4 door tin top), I've been looking for a Ducati to bring back to its former glory
Finally found a Monster in need of TLC, the 1995 M600 has a service history from new, but, due to the PO going overseas has sat in the open under a tarp for over 12mths.
Good bits, staintune mufflers (plus good originals still in box) good tank, good seat with tail section, no road damage, all matching numbers and has rego!, paid 2.5k
Unsure of the presence of a 680 kit which PO says is there but I cannot find the reciepts.
Bad bits, bald tyres, all fluids need replacing and hydraulics overhauled, filthy dirty, red back spiders nesting, broken indicator.
I can't turn the headlight off, there is no switch so I assume this is design intent?
No owners manual, PO's kept all reciepts but lost the Manual, hopefully I can find one somewhere.
Just last night (only got it yesterday) Changed the oil (black slop) and drained carbs only to find more water than fuel in there, once drained the motor fired, revved and idled, I felt pretty chuffed with this so on went the helmet.
She pulled like a schoolboy, just like the Darmah, handling wasn't sweet but air in the tyres tend to help this, anyway just as the smile was forming she came to a sluggish halt, will start but won't rev, so I pushed it back home parked it up, turned the light off and went to bed with a half smile.
Anyway tonight I will drain, carbs, petcock (vacum eh, never seen this before), and the tank in the hope that I only have a water in the tank problem.
Looking forward to your company along the way to Monster phun!! ps I'd like to post an "as got" pic but I can't seem to attach, I'll work that out along the way.
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