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The same rotors we use on our very own RidersDiscount.com 2009 YZF-R1 and no one complained about the brakes on that bike. Galfer Supererbike Wave Rotors are of a full-floating design which provides maximum brake pad contact regardless of conditions. Stronger and lighter than OEM, these rotors will not only improve brake lever feel, but will also make the bike a little easier to turn at high speed due to less rotational mass acting on the wheel.

We chose these rotors for our own racing efforts because they offer the best combination of performance and value. The rotors look very trick too.

TJ actually installed these on our racebike. Between that and his extensive history of racing, he can offer you the expertise and technical assistance you need when choosing the proper rotors for your application. Call him at 866.931.6644 ext 817 and he will be happy to help you get the correct brake rotors for your superbike. You can also email him: FORUM AT ridersdiscount DOT com with the subject line GALFER ROTORS and be sure to include the year and model for bike you have and he’ll get back to you fast.

The rotors set on the wheels of our ’09 R1.

Spring-loaded buttons prevent rotor rattle while still allowing the rotors to move on their carriers.

A truly 3D design, Galfer rotors have channels cut into them that permit just the right amount of cooling yet create maximum braking power.

Lighten up the rear end of your bike a little with the original Wave style rotor, the Galfer Wave Rotor. Made from one piece of high-carbon stainless steel, this simple-to-install rotor has been proven to save more than a pound of rotating mass on the rear wheel.

OEM at left, Galfer on the right.

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