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Hey folks,

First off, I did a search for the past 300 days on the work Gaerne, came up with nothing.

I picked up a pair of these boots at discount from a dealer nearby. Does anybody know if these are good or not?

They are the Gaerne Shockwave RR.

so far, just wearing them around the aptartment to get my feet used to them, so far, they seem pretty comfy and appear to have all the right stuff for protection.

I guess some guy ordered them from Italy, they took too long to get in (go figure) and then he picked up a different pair, and thus came into my possesion.



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gaerne have been in the business for quite a while... they make quality if not costly products. i don't think you could go wrong with their gear. i've tested a pair of their strada boots way back when... good stuff for the practical rider.

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thanks for the feedback.

I had checked out their website right after I bought them, but you can't tell how good stuff is from the source, they all say theirs is better than the next.

i was wondering if anybody here had first hand experience with the boots/products...

I picked them up for $185, I found some other places online that sell them for like 235 and around there, so in theory I did ok.

Swanky boots eh? Something about that just doesn't jump out and say 'Hooligan' eh?

thanks folks.
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