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Fuel pump replacement question

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I have a 2013 Monster 796, I am replacing the fuel pump and I noticed a price of rubber that came odd a fitting on the lower part of the housing. It wasn't a line connected to anything. Any idea what I need to replace it?
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Nice bike.

Maybe you recognise the piece in the images below? A rubber spacer always seems to fall off when you're not paying attention—

Here's a link to the bike's parts catalogue as well as to bunch other Ducatis. I've PM'd you a copy of the workshop manual along with some comments on torque specs. (There are various typos to 'em, some more egregious than others—see oil drain plug.)

Meantime a photo of your mystery part may help others discern it for you.
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Yea, I have looked on this diagram and it's not on there.
Any chance of a picture of said piece? Is it a hose or other?
edit; oops, already asked.
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It was on this fitting. Just a small piece of a hose
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Going by recent eBay listings, looks like it's for a small plastic hose from fuel IN to the fuel pump. Unclear whether it actually connects to something pump-side: to the bottom of the pump? to the mesh pre-filter? to nothing at all? (And in which case would just simply direct fuel to the pump?)

Makes sense that this part wouldn't be in the catalogue: it's specific to the whole assembly which Ducati probably want us to buy altogether. (See part no. 8 - Flange above.)

Sorry can't offer you anything definitive. Hopefully this points you in the right direction & that others seal the deal.

Meantime here are some eBay listings for context (x4 links). The tubes are amber & yellow in color in the photos.
Well, this detailed rebuild might help, it seems to just tuck behind black housing for the pump.
I can't remember if it fits to anything, as the other end is flattened a bit. you can see the guy squashing and turning the end with pliers when fitting.
Maybe just a slot at base of pump housing.

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I saw this, it looks like a plug. That's what I am thinking.
It's just a tail on the fuel pressure regulator. The regulator returns excess fuel pressure to the tank here. I'd think they put it there to stir up sediment from around the pick up area where the mesh socks are.
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So do you think i can just replace it with a short piece of hose?
It needs to be hose that's approved for immersion in fuel. It's available at auto parts stores as many cars and trucks have in tank fuel pumps now. The regular fuel line will work temporarily but, the outer layers will melt or soften over time.
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