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Fuel light stays on...?

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I have a 2001 monster dark that just went over 15,000 miles. I've been diligent keeping the chain cleaned and lubed every 500 miles and changing the oil approximately every 3,000 miles. Unfortunately that is about the extent of my abilities and now I seem to have a problem. Yesterday I rode for about 25 minutes ( I'm pretty much a daily rider) and then parked it for about three hours. When I went to go on a short errand after the break, the fuel light came on when I started the engine and doesn't seem to want to go off. I've verified the tank is full (but not over). I've never relied on any fuel light and have always used my trip meter instead. Having the light on is annoying and I would like to fix the issue properly. Can anyone give this maintenance rookie tips on where to start?
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You might find some information from this post:


I had an '01 M900 and the fuel light worked beautifully...the light either staying on or not coming on seems to be a common issue though. I think it was Ducpainter suggested checking the sending unit by jumping/touching the wires..
Thanks JB. The link answered my question!
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