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A while back I posted about fuel going out my overflow and gushing out of the tank cap (leaving me with a crotch full of gas) after filling up. I discovered that the interior tank hose from the gas cap overflow ring to the internal tank steel line (that leads to the back of the tank) had split right where it connected to the internal steel line. So, anytime I filled up the tank over the spot where the internal hose was split, gas would leak out the overflow hose (not good. If you still have the carbon canister, it just fills up). Also, with the tank full, as I acelerated, fuel would get pushed up the split hose into the overflow ring and out the the gas cap (the overflow ring is not sealed from the outside). I had to take the gas cap off, disconnect the overflow ring hose from the internal steel line, cut the split part of the hose off and reconnect. All is well now.

One thing that I noticed as a result of this was that when filling the tank, if filling with the gas pump nozzle pointing to the right inside the tank, it is possible to jam the nozzle against the overlflow hose/steel line connection and cause a split, so I now only fill with the gas pump nozzle stuck into the tank pointing left!

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