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Fuel injected M900 cold start problem

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I have a 2001 M900 Dark that I bought used recently with a cold start issue. This is my first Ducati and I'm wondering if it should start right up with the first crank of the starter when then engine is ice cold. When I say ice cold I mean 60-70 deg farenheit and the engine has been sitting all night. I use the "choke" lever and open it all the way and the engine cranks catches for half a second then stops. I repeat this procedure 3 or 4 more times until she finally starts. Am I the only person that has to try this many times before the engine starts? Is this a fuel injection issue possibly. The battery voltage looks good at rest but I haven't tried it at load. Am I expecting too much from the Marelli fuel injection system in wanting her to start right up when cold? Any and all help is appreciated.
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My S4 used to have a really, really hard time starting up after sitting overnight (similar ambient temperature, too).
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