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***SOLD*** FS 2002 S4 Senna in Los Angeles with mods. $3995


Hi all, it's with heavy heart that i offer up my baby...

Super clean. I haven't been on DML for a while so I've forgotten how to post pics. Here's a link:


2002 Ducati Monster S4 Senna

- Senna colors are metallic charcoal grey with red wheels
- The S4 has the motor from the Ducati 916 superbike and upgraded suspension over lesser Monsters.
- Marchesini light alloy wheels!
- I am the second owner. The first owner dropped the bike, as you can see from the small ding on the right. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS REPLACED!!! Otherwise excellent condition.
- Salvage title as a result, which is why the price is so reasonable.
- Approx. 15K miles. Was used as a daily highway commuter. Never raced or abused.
- $2,500(!!!) major service recently completed, replacing all rockers AND cams.
- New tires.
- New battery.
- New Italian carbon fiber chin spoiler.
- New Italian carbon fiber fly screen.
- New Ducati-Duals headlights, with cool LED rings like BMW car headlamps.
- New Arrow high-mount carbon fiber exhaust. Not too loud, but fantastic sound.
- Tail chop kit.
- Evo clutch slave cylinder
- Bar-end mirrors.
- Standard S4 carbon fenders and bits.

An absolutely beautiful bike with that unmistakeable Ducati soul. I was laid off recently, so I'm sad to have to sell my baby. Please give it a good home.

$3,995 cash, and you must have cash in hand, a motorcycle license, and experience to ride.

Thanks for looking!

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