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Ok, I just swapped to new tires. Now I am getting a little head shake at approx 60-90 mph. Any ideas ??? Its really scary when you start getting this type of head shake.

Anyhow, the tire/wheel is balanced. The only thing I can think of is that that axle knotches are not lined up. Can that be a problem ?

Can someone please take me through the mounting procedure step by step of the front ?

Thanks !!!

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OK, the tire's inflated right and the axle's correctly installed.

A lot depends on what kind of shake that is. Unless you've been getting radical on suspension setup, the most likely cause is gonna be steering head bearing adjustment, or lack thereof. A new tire will bring out the shake that a worn tire might mask. Rain grooves also seem to affect new tires more than worn ones.

Follow the manual (any manual) and adjust steering head bearing tightness. My experience with Ducatis is very limited, but a rule of thumb is that with the front end off the ground, grab the fork tubes and push and pull to feel any play whatever in the steering head bearings. No play is allowed.

Alternatively, the front end should freely rotate lock to lock with no rough spots, but should not flop to one side or other without a bit of a nudge to get it started moving.

How to do it? Never done this bike and they're all a little different.


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When I switched from a Macadam 90X to a BT-010, I immediately noticed a slight wobble from the bike at high speed. There were oscillations at a rate of about three per second up around 90 or so. I also noticed the same thing on another Monster with the same tire, but with a steering damper (which doesn't help in this case).

The bike exhibited the same behavior throughout the life of the tire. When I switched to a BT-020 on the front the behavior immediately went away.

Sometimes it's the type of tire that does this.
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