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At least two or three of you know the story already. I totalled my Duc almost 2 weeks ago by lowsiding into a pickup truck in the opposing lane. Clutch side fork is destroyed at the top, between the upper and lower triple clamps. Triple tree looks fine. Tank is beat all to heck. And the front brake from handle to caliper and disk are destroyed on the brake side. The rest is just small stuff.

I haven't done any work to the bike myself, but I'm a quick learner. The bike is an insurance buy back and I want to get it running as quickly as possible so I can get in another accident. (just kidding)

I have a '03 800Sie. Does anyone know what parts of other bikes this bike is compatible with? Anyone know a good source where I can find the part numbers on-line? And what are good options and parts that I should rebuild with? Any books that you would recommend? Thanks for your help and advice.


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