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Front and Rear Stands???

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Looking to get front and rear stands for the winter. Any recommandations?
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I had a close look at Handy Stands at the recent San Mateo International Motorcycle Show. They look like they're good enough.

Personally, I went with Pit Bull because they're so overbuilt that you'll have absolutely no worries about how well they'll hold up your bike. I went with the SS rear that supports standard or spooled swingarms and the Newfront stand for the front so that I can take the forks off.

I prefer using spools if the swingarm has them, but the ST2 I just got doesn't, so I can still use the stand with it by just switching the brackets around.

I think the Handy Stand guy said that their rear comes with both attachments as well.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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