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Friday Ride... this means you Brett

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Alright, I am going to have the bike out Friday and can be out until mid afternoon at the latest.

Who's in...

I saw in the other thread that Gen and Brett are free, and maybe the guy from Annapolis. Anyone else?

I will be riding from Springfield, as that's where my bike is. I don't care where, I just want some saddle time.

BTW, I gave this it's own thread as to not distract from the true weekend ride.
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I'd be in but need to be home by 'bout 3ish and I know Ben's looking for an early ride as well.
I'm flexi. How was that route with Ben last week, Brett?
The earlier the better... Karen and I plan on heading to NC for some golf and sailing
with her folks this weekend. We are plannin on being there for dinner around seven and it is just under five hours down there, thus i might need to bail early or wrap up around 1...
Great, I'm the only one working tomorrow.

I'm riding the 2.2 miles to work? Does that count? ::)
Not the only one, I have to do all of Ben's work since he's on vacation. bastard. :mad:
Sorry guys I'm officially out. A friend who really helped me move has called in the chip, I'll be painting and moving stuff. Sorry (mostly for me) :-[
Damn it, I'm in! Where and when you guys meeting?
I'm workin' to D.. so I'll be suffering with you
I'll be riding but only into the office. Courts are closed but there's so much paperwork on my desk I can't see the top anymore. Have a fun and safe ride.

I'm going out. Pick a coffeehouse for morning and I'll be there.
So has anyone picked a coffeehouse to meet at? How about in Alex? or arlington?
Sorry, I'm not familiar with the area. I was just gonna mapquest wherever was chosen, and find my way there (or not, this area is really hard for me to visualize!).
Sorry for the delay. I've been gone all day running errands.

I have to pick my bike up in springfield, so we can meet there if you guys like. There is an einstein brothers bagels at the intersection of rolling road and old keen mill road in springfield. I think the zip is 22152 but may be 22151.

How's that sound? Maybe meet around 9 or 9:30 or 10 or...?

My cell is on the spreadsheet slowpoke sent out. Roquemonster I'll pm it to you.

I honestly don't care about the route, but I was thinking maybe head up to great falls area, or just do the normal head our west.
Guys, if most are in DC and MD, pick a place convenient to you and I'll do my best to make it. If I can't, I really do like riding solo sometimes, and since I haven't seen my bike for a while, I may want to spend some alone time with her.

Anyway, Ben, if you want to meet up for a bit in the AM, by all means give me a call or pm. I may not have computer access after 8 am though.
Like I said, as the newest person here, I was just gonna tag along with whatever was decided. Given the hour and that it's still up in the air, I think I'll give it a pass until next time. Have fun getting reacquainted with your bike!
I'll just do the reverse (Westbound) of my Great Falls run and see where I end up. I'll head out from NW DC after traffic and yelling at my apt managers, so 10ish.
K, give me a call when you are heading out. I'm a maybe still.
If anyone is interested in riding around Poolesville, shoot me word. I can keep us busy in upper Montgomery County, and maybe hit some of the M.A.D. roads a day early. I'm thinkin of leaving around 10:00 to 10:30 ish time. Maybe riding for two hours or more. I'll figure a meetup spot if there is any interest.
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