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Special offer:
Free K&N oil filter for Ducati with each order

MOTUL 300V Factory Synthetic Oil: 10W40 (Gallon)
MOTUL 300V Factory Synthetic Oil: 15W50 (Gallon)

New Motul 300V Factory line in a one gallon bottle. this is the oil the Superbike teams used. It is now available to the public.
If high heat tolerance and better performance from your oil is what you are looking for, than this is the oil for you. Motul 300V Factory line gained over 2HP in a Yamaha R1. Allow an extra 1-2 days for delivery
  • Standards : API SG, CCMC G-5, .
    Superior Engine Performance Without an Increase in Engine Wear.
    - Lower viscosity at high temperatures (SAE 40 instead of the SAE 50 generally used in competition) with a coating that remains consistent thanks to the specifications of the Factory Line.
    - The use of synthetic esters : these molecules adhere to the metallic parts of the engine, thus reinforcing the resistance of the oil coating.
    - A multigrade formulation : the reduction of viscosity over variations in temperature is lower.
    The higher the viscosity, the greater the power necessary to run a motor :
    - With this lubricant's higher fluidity engine performance is increased. Increased Resistance at High Temperatures.
    - High temperatures cause lubricant oxidation : the oil thickens, lubrication ceases and wear and tear increases.
    - Thanks to the use of esters, 300V Factory Line resists viscosity breakdown twice as long as conventional mineral oil. Even ever long periods or in extreme conditions, the viscosity remains constant.
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