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The license plate holder on my 2000 M750 Dark was a mess (photos attached).

It was a torn up, crooked piece of old plastic with poorly-placed screw holes that had been stretched unevenly overtime. This accepted two screws to hold another old/rusty/asymetrical metal plate that you then mounted your license plate to. YUCK.

I designed my own replacement in OnShape and love how it fits on the bike. Much simpler. I have it mounted with a 1" 1/4"x20 bolt dropped in through the center hole beneath the seat and two 1/2" long flat-head-screw-top 1/4"x20 bolts that I purchased for around $0.07 each at Home Depot. It fits beautifully and is much cleaner than the old method.

Thought I would share the files in case anyone wanted to print their own! Click here to view/download them from OnShape.

One note: I've removed my side-mounted rear turn signal lights in favor of those integrated in my LED tail light, so I didn't include mounting holes for those on this design.


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