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Frank Kinsey Racing School?

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Has anyone heard of or had any experience with Frank Kinsey Racing Schools held at Roebling, Carolina, or Jennings?

Thanks. Lee
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I've done track days with Frank. First thing in the morning you have a riders meeting and then if it's your first time there, Frank leads you around the track to show you the racing line. After that you are allowed to ride as much as you want to, although you are not allowed to go wide open down straits and you are not to use you brakes. When I went, there was a session or two where these rules are lifted and you can go full out. Frank is a great guy and it's alot of fun. Give him a call and talk with him about it. As soon as my high pipes show up for my M800 I'll be going back.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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