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frame sliders

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posting so that I may benefit from experienced feedback on which way to go for the above part
going to be tracking my 937+ starting next month and thought an extra layer of protection might make sense
eventually hope to get a track dedicated bike but want to first make sure i am going to really get back into tracking
regardless, I , have seen Ducabike sliders and Evotech (for twice the money) and, as stated, would welcome your qualified feedback
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just because they are for sale does not make them a best idea. maybe better to repair the damage to the bits and pieces that break off than to repair the frame and cases. look at the dual sports, their cages are mounted in several spots to unload the forces instead of centralizing the impact onto one peg. lots of folks have bought them to save $1000s in body work but on a monster.. i dont know but thinking , not the best idea.
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