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And here it is......
I'm gonna have the brackets powder coated black over the winter.

I had to use M5 screws and nuts.
The M6 that they come with, you can't get an Allen key on them.
So what I did was on the large side with the tapped holes, I machined a small flat on the shoulder so the screw head would sit square.
And then had to put the M5 through the opposite way and use lock washers and nuts on the other side.
I'll get better pics of what I did up later.

Also, with the 130mm NHK damper, I would recommend that you use the mount hole on the fork bracket that is nearest to the fork. This reduces the amount of stroke and allows the 130 to work with a few mm of clearance on either side of the damper body.

I suspect that the OP may have a slightly longer stroke than 130 on his Ohlins.

It also comes close to my right knee. But I'm gonna play with the position of the brackets and get it more forward in the next few days.

And hell, it looks kinda old school too!


21 - 24 of 24 Posts