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Okay! So I stopped by the Ducati dealer (MotoEuropa) in St. Louis, and talked to one of their mechanics...super nice guy, btw, and walked him through my issue. He got up to speed very quickly and helped me locate the correct washer - which was the one I already had, which was nice, and after about 10 minutes of looking through shop manuals, found the right page that talked about installing everything on that shaft...and in the correct order, to boot! The parts diagrams were of little help since all the parts on that side of the shaft is are spread out over 4 different sections, so he called up the service manual and after a long search (he was using a touchpad on a laptop which wasn't very conducive for visual searches) we found the right section and picture. Here's the page from the manual:
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Font Automotive design Screenshot

Then, to answer my own question, NO, that's not where the washer goes (see the entry above). It goes between the roller bearings and the main timing gear (the small one against the inner case.) After this discovery, I looked at the end of the roller bearing cage and found it was scored, apparently from the old washer being chewed up.

After some thought, I figured that whoever was in that area last, didn't notice that the washer had slipped or the bearing wasn't properly seated inside the washer. From the manual, "Make sure that inner ring becomes seated properly in the center of the washer." Then they tightened up everything and reassembled the bike and that was that. Probably right after they fired it up, that washer was displaced and eventually destroyed. In the mean time, the absence of the washer loosened the entire stack which caused the loose nut and case damage that I discovered but didn't show here.

I can't thank that mechanic enough for helping and getting me the right information.

Also, for anyone interested, yes, the flywheel has a dot on the inner ring that has to align with the keyway near the end of the shaft and that, too, is pictured above.

Okay! Mystery solved and now I can start getting all the parts (ratchet straps and sandpaper) to torque that nut down to the proper spec of 200Nm (174 ft. lbs)...oh, and a new torque wrench.

Thanks to @cs363, @xorbe, @avocet, @jamestcurran, and @bopperoo for your help.
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