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For those who ride the Skyline Ridge....

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I ride this ridge daily to school. If some idiot throws oil and sand on the road he better find a new place to friggin live :mad:

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I read that guys post on BARF. What a idiot! If you live in an area that is well known to have heavy motorcycle traffic, what do you expect? I ride that road, just like everyone else. I slow down when I have too.
Most people who jog and walk their dogs or stroll their kids( Dummies) on Skyline are asking to get hit if they do not pay attention. Thre are no sidewalks on Skyline. Get in your Range Rover and drive down to Temescal. Like all the rest of the RUB's do. As for the Oil and Sand threat. It would be too bad if a match all of a sudden found it's way to your neighborhood ;-) because someone was killed by your oil and sand trick.

Something to think about.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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