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I read that article a few years ago, and it is what pushed me to buy my bike. Good find.

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What do you mean I wrote that article [laugh]

It is a very nice bike IMHO...... as some of you know [cheeky]

When I bough mine the purpose was to import it into Ecuador....... a Banana Republic south of Colombia.
I live in a valley at 7500 feet elevation that sits inbetween two ridges of the Andes Mountains.
There are several things that we have and don't have here that were BIG influences on what bike to buy at the time.

MOTOLOCOPATS 10 Reasons why the S2R1000 was the PERFECT MOTORCYCLE for him in Ecuador
1> Have lots of tight curves
2> Dont have very many straights
4> Don't have law enforcement on the highways.
5> Have all kinds of other crap on the highways, Avalanches, Donkeys, Drunk Indians
6> Have High Import Taxes that turn a $10,000 bike into a $16,000 one
7> Few people that can purchase a $16K motorcycle, reselling is difficult, get one you won't mind Looking at & Riding for a LONG TIME.
8> Have VERY FEW GOOD mechanics....... need something fairly simple that I can maintain
9> Don't have many parts and getting parts imported can be a pain unless you hand carry
10> Have lots of pretty young Senoritas that like Flashy Red Motorcycles.

So with the above things in mind you can haul ass through some fantastic curves but the highest speed any halve assed san man (that's me to a T [laugh]) needs to be able to reach real quickly is about 100mph.
A aircooled V Twin is about as simple as they come, with a small investment in tools I can handle all maintenance
The S2R1000 is very easy on the eyes and I wouldn't mind having it in the garage indefinitly.
It came in RED and with a exhaust system the Senoritas can see and hear me coming ;D

SO the S2R just fit the bill for down here perfectly........ just sucks that I ended up not being able to git it imported into the little Banana Republic of Ecuador. If I could have I'd spend a LOT LESS time here at the DML ::) It is now my toy for in the USoA and until I get back there to live it will be a garage queen that I lavish little bits of Carbon Fiber and Aluminum billet on occasionally.. :mad:

I'll probably end up with a big KTM for down here........... the new 990 SUper Motard with it's 5 gallon tanks and 8.5" of travel F/R with some soft luggage is starting to look like the new PERFECT BIKE for here..... we do have a good KTM dealer ;).
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