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After some checking, seems at least part of the problem is electrical. Pulled the plug wires, got a touch of spark on the front cylinder and none on the rear. Double-checked, no spark on either. Coils don't appear any different than when the bike was taken apart (they worked fine then).

Oddly, while I was reading the manual, I left the ignition switch on and heard a series of clicks from the general relay (underseat) at which time all the lights dimmed. I switched it off then back on, lights came back, but nothing from the starter now. No blown fuses.

Thoughts? Problems connected?

Start checking connections...start with the battery((make sure its charged and no bad cells (if you can use a hygrometer on your battery)) Weak or bad batteries and connections can defy logic.
Got gas and spark?? If you do it should at least hit a lick or two. Look at your plugs after turning over a few times. Are they wet with gas? How are you checking for spark? An inexpensive tester works best. A weak spark is the same as no spark sometimes. You need a strong spark...this could go back to your electrical problems.
Be patient take a step at a time. (you sound frustrated)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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