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Fogged up guages

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Was just out washing the Monster, and noticed fog on the insides of the guages :mad:, I did a search and found out that this is a fairly common problem with 02+ Monsters, I understand that this is a warranty issue, I'm just wondering if there will be a problem with the local dealership (not the dealership where I bought the bike) I'm due for my 600 mile service in a month or two, should I call and get the guages on their way to the dealership right now? Has anyone else had problems with warranty guage replacement? Will I have to demonstrate to the dealership that the lenses are fogging? Is there a way to prevent fogging in the lenses in the future? Are the new guages any better, or will I have to replace the new ones in a couple of months? Has anyone had dealings with Motocorsa in Portland OR? I know there are a lot of questions, but I am now a member of the "me too" club of Monster owners, where before I looked on with pity :-[. Thanks for any info, and pity thrown my way.
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You should be able to get warranty service at ANY Ducati dealer. Doesn't matter if you bought it there or not.

Some folks have waited a long time for replacement gauges, get your dealer working on it ASAP.

Several listers have had multiple gauge replacements.

Your dealer may trust your word over the phone that the gauges are fogging, but I wouldn't expect them to order a set for you without seeing the fogged gauges first.

Maybe don't hose 'em directly?

Somewhere there is a poll on gauges, I looked around a little and couldn't find it. There's more info there for you.

Sorry to hear your gauges are fogging up. ;)
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