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I had not planned on a ton of city driving - however my Monster is so much fun to ride I have found myself taking into the city on nice days and visiting customers all over the city - never thought about it but what a savings on gas - just thought about it and if I did it enough - long enough - I would almost have a free bike!! I nomally drive a V8 SUV, But I digress,

What this driving around the city has taught me is that drivers are just rude and careless - I have people running up my back side and cutting me off continually.

When comming up on traffice - I typically gear down - float to traffic light - trying to time so that I can basically not have to even put my feet down and start again when it turns green. Yes I tap the back brake - or the front just a touch to warn - however I have found this thing called "G force module" on a site called "custom Dynamics" - it claims that this little fella will flash your brake lights when you decelerate?? Has anyone tried any of thier products?? They also have headlight modulators and modules that will turn your signal lights into day time running lights - also they have a "signal minder" from Kelsan that will turn off your signal for you. Again has anyone tired any of these are they just gimick??

Normally I'm a back road evening/weekend warrior - but if I am going to ride in the city regularly - I want ever opportunity for "Car" drivers to notice that I am there.
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