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Fixing up my Ducati Monster

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I recently bought a Ducati 796 Monster from a friend. He made some modifications to it like inverting the handle bars, adding integrated signals, a new fuel tank, and others. Im able to ride it but, it has a few issues like the front brake not resetting once you compress it, and the new battery dies constantly. I would like to slowly go through all of the important systems on the bike and get it fixed up. I’m curious if anyone has advice on where to start or if there are good resources for undertaking something like that. I’ve ridden bikes for a long time but never got too involved with maintenance/repair.
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Start by working out whats going on with the brakes.
Pull the calipers, see if the seals are bloated and swelling.
It could be a bleeding issue, with the handle bars lowered does any part of the brake line rest higher than the master cylinder?
This can make it hard to get air out of the system.
Suss it out and bleed it.
new battery dies constantly.
While the bike is sitting or running?
The immobilizer on my S4 drains the battery enough in 3 days that it won't start.
Battery tender is a must have.
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