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My bike sounded like a dumptruck when I applied the rear brake at anything less the 50mph, and I just couldn't quiet it. to be honest, I didn't use it that often, but when I did, it was embarassing as hell.

after searching around the web (and here) I decided to take someone's suggestion and replace the pads with something besides the OEM (manufacturer's) pads already installed.

I was gonna spring for the ferodo racing pads, but went with BHD's suggestion of something a little more "street", and got the balfor pads for under $20.

it only took me a half hour to change the pads (a snap following the instructions on ducatisuite.com) and then I set them with a couple hard braking runs.


it's quiet as a whisper, and has been that way for more than a month and 500+ miles.

just thought you'd all like to know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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