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First Seattle ride

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Towed the monster up from Medford yesterday. 450 miles from our old house to the in-laws in Kent. Unloaded this morning and drove into Seattle. No rain all morning and and then BAM. 25 miles from the burbs to our new place downtown Seattle. I need new gloves for this weather. Otherwise, all my gear is waterproof.

I'm just glad the move is almost over. The movers will drop off our stuff on Tuesday afternoon. Yea.

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Congrats mary

good to hear that your move was successfull
Yeah, this spring we'll have to have the traditional meet between the portland and seattle folks at mt st helens. [thumbsup]
Glad you came up,hope you like it. [thumbsup]
Awesome! It's great to have more Ducati riders close by. [thumbsup] BTW you must try the ride out of Kent/ Black Diamond through Packwood.
You got to take your moto on the ferry. Moto's are 1st on, 1st off. You can explore so great islands or just hit it thru the Olympic Peninsula. Fun and twisty.
Lots of good riding closer than the islands too. The backroads in the Carnation/Duvall area have miles of twisties and a fair number of straights surrounded by bucolic settings. Welcome to the area Mary!
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