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first ride on my M695

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I took my new 695 for the first ride today. My only point of reference is the 200cc dualsport I used at the MSF course, but WOW what a package this monster is! The sound when rolling on the throttle is absolutely intoxicating. I think this machine will serve me well. It seems to have PLENTY of grunt to keep a novice like me happy. Beautiful fall day and beatiful first ride.

A few comments/questions:

- Failed to start the first 4-5 times, until I moved the fast idle lever on before hitting the start button (sales guy told me to only use it AFTER starting).

- Seems to be a bit of missfire at lowish rpms. Probably the "lean" issue that I've read about here?

- Lots of melted assembly grease and goo to wipe off afterwards. What's the deal with the little rubber discs between the motor cooling fins? They weep a brown oily substance that stains the fins. Any way to deal with the stains? The discs need to be there, right?

- Noticed some scuff marks on the (glossy black) tank from my leather jacket. Definitely need some protection at that spot.

Still can't wipe the grin off of my face.... :D

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Congrats ;D
Dealer was wrong about starting, you "choke it" before attempting to start it.
scutchins said:
Dealer was wrong about starting, you "choke it" before attempting to start it.
I had to do that for a bit but not so much anymore. Now it starts up right away.

Welcome to your new home and say goodbye to your wallet. Pics are in order so you must post some soon.

The seating position on this bike tends to push your, um, junk into the tank more. A tank protector would be a good idea if you notice scuffing already.

Dont be afraid to ask any questions about your bike. Theres a lot of us 695 owners on here who have been through a lot with our bikes already. Most likely we have an answer to your question.

I had the same issue w/ the gunk you have. my best suggestion is keep it clean if it wipes off easily enough. I didn't notice until it was quite baked on and the only thing that took it off was acetone--which I dint recommend (may take off engine enamel).

lifes_an_ocean had the same problem too, not sure what he did but everyone advised him to address it with his dealer. that thread goes into more detail: http://www.ducatimonster.org/smf/index.php?topic=61630.0;topicseen

this is on my off season to-do list. the appearance sucks but I'm also worried about the "glue" that isn't there any more not doing it's job

congratulations on the bike!
From what I understand, those little rubber pucks are not crucial and eventually just fall out.

A tank protector is a good idea, my bike came with the clear 3M protector which I prefer over other ones.
Welcome. Explore this site, its extaordinarily useful.

The nasty brown goo on the M695 heads seems to be typical. Probably related to a lean fuel mixture and subsequent elevated temps and partial melting of the rubber cooling fin spacers or coatings on the spacers. No oil cooler on the M695, so temps are pretty high. Tooling around the neighborhood today with varying loads (started with only 5 miles on the odo) showed oil temps as high as 305 degrees. I hope those numbers come down as she breaks in! I'm going to try some 3M adhesive remover on the grunge and report back.

I just looked at the manual, and sure enough, if used, the fast idle lever is to be activated BEFORE attempting a start. I guess the dealer had it backwards despite the lecture I got about "this is not a choke, start the engine first".

Rubber discs dampen the engine sounds that would normally be amplified by the cooling fins. Airhead BMWs have them too, and lose them readily too.
I tried some 3M Adhesive Cleaner on the brown stuff - no luck. I also found three of the rubber cooling fin "pucks" barely hanging on (only 40 miles on the odo). Some of them seem to have a dried adhesive of some sort on the top/bottom. My guess is that the adhesive degrades at high temp, turns brown, and drains down off of the fins to leave a permanent stain/residue. Some of the pucks have obvious "snail tracks" of brown showing how they were inserted at the factory. Looks to me like these materials are incompatible with the application. Still a mighty fine ride, just looks a bit skanky down there.

Can someone take a pic of these so-called rubber pucks? I dont think Ive ever seen them before.
HyperM3 said:
Can someone take a pic of these so-called rubber pucks? I dont think Ive ever seen them before.

swerdna said:
Ok, how about a pic of them in place? Ive never seen these on my bike, ever.
You have to look close


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YAY I found mine. They were all intact and accounted for. Ive never seen them before, guess you learn something new every day. Mine dont look like they leaked any gunk or anything though and Ive got 1k miles on the bike now.
First attempt at attaching an image....me getting ready for the first ride and the M695 alongside the 635!



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Very nice, very nice. Cant believe my bike looked like that at one time. What part of the NE are you from?
1) Rubber doesn't melt. The brown crap is not supposed to be there. This is not a new bike - Ducati's been sticking noise dampers (the rubber pucks, which aren't essential for the bike's operation) in the fins for years.
2) What grease?
3) You paid the dealer his 'prep' charge, didn't you? I'd be all over him in a NY minute about getting all that crap off the bike - it should have come to you fully detailed without a spot on it. If he's uncooperative, call Ducati NA to complain
I'm from California, about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

The bike was pretty clean when I got it, but certainly not spotless (especially the rims). After a couple of heat cycles the excess assembly grease oozes around. Stuff from the head bolts, some suspension bushings, etc. Probably inevitable. Gave me a good excuse to spend some quality time up close and personal.

The rubber pucks don't seem to be melting, but apparently some adhesive OR some coating to aid installation does degrade when heated. Maybe someone invented a new trick on the assembly line, or they made a substitution. Or maybe the 695 just runs hotter than other monsters (>300F yesterday) due to the lean mixture and lack of an oil cooler. I'll be sure to point it out to the dealer, but should I expect them to "fix" this type of cosmetic issue? I think I can live with it unless it gets worse.

Welcome to the nut(Duc) house, please leave your wallet and your brains at the door!

And real nice ride, let the mods begin! As far as the goop on the engine, I'd give The Dealer some **** for that before it gets worse.

But people......where are the DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [cheeky]
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