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first ride in the rain! woo hoo.

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well i had the joy of a rainy ride home for the first time. luckily it only rained for about 10 minutes of the 20 minute ride back to my house, and it wasn't too heavy. leather gloves, icon motorhead jacket, icon barrier pants, hiking boots, all kept me relatively dry, just my knees were a little damp on the inside. and i was also lucky to have a new tire on the rear instead of the nearly bald one that was on just a couple days ago! but, it was not too bad in the rain really, just not as fast as i usually go and kept turning my head side to side or wiping my glove across my faceshield to keep the rain off. i could use one of those anti fog things i hear about.
that is all.
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now go clean it before engine heat bakes all that road grime on. ;D
once you get used to it, riding a monster in the rain is the ballz!!

I got addicted to it on a monster 750 w/ old worn down tires.

now that I have the s2R, It's even more fun...

It doesn't count until you're entirely drenched and you feel air bubbles between your toes when you walk!
Wait until your riding with new tires through water so deep you have to lift your feet off the pegs. Good times. ;D
i remember my first ride in the rain, and i remember it fondly.

i'm pretty sure i remember it fondly because i've drank away brain cells to the point where i no longer clearly recollect things... [laugh]

it was like the third time i'd ever ridden a motorcycle, and i'm riding around wichita in a bad downpour. just sort of decided "screw it, i'm riding!"

i was "squishy inbetween the toes" soaked.

but yeah, provided i can strip down and get some dry clothes when i get where i'm going, rain riding can be a pretty good time. [thumbsup]
Riding in the rain is always a good time.

It's when you get off that it sucks. Only if you have to deal with it all day, like you're stuck at work for instance, though. That's why I keep a pair of flip-flops in my desk.

Today as I was riding back to work, crossing the bridge from seattle to redmond, the waves were splashing onto the freeway, and even though I was in the left lane I was still getting hit. The wind was beating me back and forth so bad I wondered 1) if maybe one of the rear tire nuts was coming loose and 2) when was my rear tire going to give out and leave me sprawled out in the middle of the bridge. The whole time I was thinking to myself this is better than any rollercoaster I've ever been on.
My first time I rode in the rain was from Atlanta, GA to Kingsport, TN on an FZR400 I had picked up.........it sucked, but was an experience. I was zipping up I-75 with tractor trailers whizzing by. It didn't help that the bike had a dead battery so I had to push start it everytime I stopped for gas [laugh] or the warped front rotors, you hit the brakes and SHUTTER SHUTTER SHUTTER...........I'm still suprised I didn't die [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]
I went from Texarkana to nashville in the rain this summer. that was a long day. my frogg toggs held up, though.
First ride in the rain I was caught in a torrential downpour. *Cars* were pulling off the road it was so bad. Of course I was super late for my MSF course (second attempt - missed the first one due to traffic & work) and didn't want to cost myself another couple of hundred dollars. I pulled under an overpass at one point but because I was so late I had to get going. Managed to go the wrong way on another freeway so I had to turn around. Ended up making the class which was good but when I turned my boots upside down a lot of water came out. ::)
i remember my first ride in the rain quite well also. it was a 200 mile jaunt in a downpour on a 2 laner. had full leathers on, and rain gear over that and still got soaked in the usual places. anti-fog shield worked great. i like riding in a nice rain now. haha.
I got caught in the rain tonight!
:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

The Gods were not happy cuz I was at the Yamaha dealer looking at an '07 R6!
IZ said:
The Gods were not happy cuz I was at the Yamaha dealer looking at an '07 R6!
I'm sure they'll forgive you for that [laugh]

I spent part of my day at the shop while my buddy figured out the minor issues with it.............that the new battery solved [laugh] I spent the first part of the day working on the Duc though.......so maybe I'll be forgiven [thumbsup]
BMiller said:
I'm sure they'll forgive you for that [laugh]
If it rains again when I go there..I'll know it wasn't just a coincidence tonight!! :-\

i love riding in the rain...don't know why

if it's raining on my commute home, i'll take a detour so my ride is 2-3x as long as it should be
well so far it looks like rain again this saturday....gotta stop by cycle gear and get a anti fog shield thing ;)
Aguacate said:
Today as I was riding back to work, crossing the bridge from seattle to redmond, the waves were splashing onto the freeway, and even though I was in the left lane I was still getting hit.
[laugh] I've got splashed going across 520 as well...pretty funny when it happens. No splashes when I crossed it yesterday, but I was definitely getting blown around a bit.
I'm always getting wet (western washington state) so I finally found a helmet (scorpion) with an anti-fogging face shield. So nice.
first real ride in a biblical downpour was from houston to san antonio. that was the scariest and most exciting damn thing in a while. 3:00 in the afternoon, looked like 8:00pm, could barely see lines in front of me. coming out of it alive and with my motorcycle intact gave a real sense of accomplishment...great learning experience.
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