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Hello folks, happy to be here and happier to have brought a new white M 796home yesterday.
20 + years of street bikes and super excited about the Monster.
I Just sold my 08 Suzuki Hayabusa and look forward to riding a fun little twin again, and at more rational speeds.
My first twin was also the first brand new bike I ever bought. A left over 88 Honda NT 650 in 1991, otherwise known as the 647cc hawk GT.
Loved all 47 HP of that single sided swingarm Honda.
Since then have come 3 other twins. The Ducati 996 back in 99, and two Suzuki SV 650 nakeds. First and second gen models.
Pulled the Evap can and look forward to learning the monster does and don'ts from the members here.

Thanks, GB
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