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We recently picked up a 1994 M900 that has had some pretty hack work done on it. There are some stock bits that I am looking to pick up to fix some of the sub-standard work.

I need the complete left and right foot brackets with exhaust hangers and all hardware. The originals were chopped off monoposto style (we want to ride 2-up and/or take the kids for a ride) and the exhaust is currently hung by cables wrapped in black electrical tape. NOT ACCEPTABLE!!:mad:

The stock mirrors were replaced with one bar end mirror. The clutch and brake lever pivot bushings are held in place with a zip-tie. Again, NOT ACCEPTABLE!! I need a pair of stock mirrors with hardware as well as two bar ends with bolts. If there is a cheap aftermarket alternative to this problem any suggestions would be appreciated but I would most like to return to stock and help fellow forum members off-load parts.

I think that's about it for now. As the wife and I ride it I may edit this thread with more that we're looking for. We're really starting to adore the bike as it runs and looks really good. We just want to clean up the mess left by owners from the past. The best way to reach me is by e-mail, [email protected] . PM and posting here is kind of clunky on the blackberry compared to e-mail.

Thanks and I am looking forward to help with these and other matters as we explore the world of Ducati motorcycles!
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