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I was Thinking of buying the Ducati Monster 620 dark as my first bike, but I was wondering, can you put a second rider on it or not. Also is the Ducati Monster 620 dark a good choice for a first bike. I am 6,1 210 pounds. Any other consideration I need to take into account before I decide on a first bike.
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over here, most bikers tend to buy a cheap second hand jap bike to get some experience on before moving on to italian exotica
I have a 2003 620 dark (silver) and it is my first bike. I think it is a great first bike. I ride with a passenger a lot, no problems at all. I am 6'1'' 158lbs. As for other stuff to take into account, just search through this message board - there is enough information here to keep you busy for a year or two.

The only thing about buying a Japanese bike is the fact that you would then own a Japanese bike. I guess that is just a personal decision you would have to make. You found this site so I assume you will make the correct choice.

Also in the unfortunate event that your bike is damaged, then the fun begins! MODIFICATIONS I have a sweet little dent in my gas tank so that gave me a reason to buy a seat cowl and a belly pan - you know have to get them all painted at once!

Good luck
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over here, most bikers tend to buy a cheap second hand jap bike to get some experience on before moving on to italian exotica
What Japanese bike should I look at which would cost me less and offer similar performance and looks. See I am really big on getting something I like, even if cost me a little extra. The only jap bike I kind of like is the katana 600, any recommendations on what other bike to check out.
Well, if you drop the 'similar performance and looks' requirement then you're talking about a two cylinder bike in the 500-650cc range. Maybe something like a suzuki gs550 or sv650 would be a good start. The advantage of these bikes is they're not likely to cause you to contemplate suicide if you drop one. Then again many folks on this board have dropped their monsters, bent footcontrols, dinged tanks and snapped levers, and are still alive to tell the tale. The other school of thought is get what you want now, ride really conservatively for a year, and you'll be more likely to be a longtime rider than a short term one.
Okay, okay. I went through some of the same things you are going through before I bought my 2001 750 Monster dark. The two other bikes I was considering are the "S" sv650 and the "H" 919.

After buying the Ducati, however, I can't believe I was ever even considering another make. Why? Look around the board.

You'll be happy with the Duc.

Oh yeah, and as far as a first bike, a monster is PERFECT. It will make you an instant life-long motorcycle fan.
Also, I took an MSF course before I bought my bike, and it has made a ton of difference with my confidence. After the course, I didn't feel the need to buy a bike to "practice on." Take a training course if you can.
I am definitely a cautious driver, I have never been the one to take unnecessary risks. I also plan to take the Motorcycle saftery course. So I think if I pick up a faster / heavier bike I should be fine. The Monster 620 is definitely my first choice, here are the few other bikes I was looking at most of them are similarly priced and i like how all of them look.

Honda Aero 750
Honda shadow 750
Honda VLX 600
Kawasaki ZZR600
Suzuki Katana 600
(Maybe) Yamaha V-star 650
Alpha 250 twin / gv250

The alpha really seems to be an interesting bike at $3500. Any of you guys have any thoughts on these other bikes.
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Sorry to be redundant, but what it comes down to is this...

You will be fine with any of those bikes. Really. they will all take you from point A to point B. And you will probably have fun with them. But asking this bunch of people to compare a Duc against another make is futile.

A Ducati will give you an experience like no other. If you are interested in riding a motorcycle that makes you feel truly alive, that makes your heart race, the choice is clear. If you want a motorcycle that is assembled like leggos and has the sex appeal of a turnip, then you have options...such as those you have listed above.

Ride a Duc and then decide...

I'm sorry that I can't give you more specific info. What truly matters in a motorcycle- to me- is "soul" and that's why I ride a Ducati.
but I was wondering, can you put a second rider on it or not.
I dont think anybody addressed this part of the question...

you can out a passenger on the bike, but the monster kinda sucks for that.
the pillion seat is small and sloped downwards, and especially with a larger rider in the front...that seat is gonna keep it to short hops.
Best bike I've ever had for passengers- Kawi ZX6-E
From the FAQ
Should I get a Ducati Monster as a first bike?

I think the Monster was an excellent choice for me as a first bike; I got the 2002 M750i.eS. I think I would have been happy with the 2002 620 since the power band was very similar to the 750 (2002 being the first year for fuel injection for the 620) but I saw the
A monster 600 is my first big bike and i don't think i will ever need something else (except a monster s4r!).She's definitely a good choice to learn how to ride .She's easy handling ,lightweight,very stable and she don't scare you with too much power ,without being slow!The seat of the co-rider is more comfortable than it looks ,so don't think about it .Buy her tomorrow!
my 02 620 dark was my first bike. i taught myself to ride it in 2 days and have never dropped it. its a great bike to learn on- its got plenty of torque unlike the jap bikes and its not too big, but big enough to keep around once you learn. plus its a Ducati...
ive said it once and ill say it again- nothing beats going into class with your gear still on and when the girls ask you what you ride, you get to say Ducati ;D
There does seem to be a trend to bigger and faster, but it's not universal. I've got one fairly fast bike, but there are few places I can stretch it out. I've also got the 620 Monster and can run the crap outta it anytime, anywhere. My bikes seem to be getting progressivley smaller and slower...and more fun as I go along. The 620 Monster makes a fine first bike, and it also make a fine 14th bike. It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. (Keeping in mind that riding a fast bike fast is a heckuvalotuv fun, but not something that one can do daily.)

I'm thinking about one of those Husky 450 supermotards for next year.

Jumping in this kind of late, but here's my 2 cents: I got my M1 license this summer and checked out used bikes and the BM* 650CS. My wife, who rides, kept pushing me toward a Ducati. We got a deal on a 2002 M750S i.e. and I have never regretted it. I figured I could buy a used bike, then step up after I got more confidence, or buy a great bike like the Duc and grow with it. I'm doing the latter. Since we both have bikes, there's no need for a pillion; ride alone tell your buddy to get his own Duc.
I have a 2003 bandit 600s, upright riding position, comfortable, but slight bar buzz. it's a good first bike, its my second bike now, i started with 250 ninja, traded up soon after confidence was built.
Not even a year later i'm in the market for a monster 1000, only because i built my skills and confidence.
start off with a bike that won't intimidate you, what ever brand it may be.
Get somthing new, reliable with good features (good brakes, riding position, inexpensive, and comfortable), it will help build confidence and when your ready for your duc, you can trade in your first bike and get close to what payed for it. think of it as low cost renting.
also, if you can pay cash on something new, you might be able to get a better deal, so you can recover more $$$ at trade in.
i bought my ninja for $3,400 OTD, traded it for $3,000. I rode it for 4 months, 2,500 miles, not a bad investment for learning the basics. as far as the bandit, i payed $5,600 OTD, and have an trade offer for $5,550. the bike is just 4 months old with 2,500 miles.
so my cash outlay on my monster will be low, around $5,000.
any way, these are just some considerations for you to ponder.

have a great day!
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Just buy a used Monster, 600-750 are all great choices!

Monster = Great bike.

600-750 = Good for a beginner (assuming you took the MSF)

Used = Good for saving $$$ on your first bike.
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