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finding powercoating?

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I have a few bits I'd like to get powdercoated (black). I've called some local cycleshops and a few auto painting companies, but can't find anyone who does powdercoating in my area (Jupiter, FL).

Any ideas about how to find a powerdercoater? Am I looking in the wrong place by asking paint shops?

Thanks for any advice.
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Usually paint shops dont do powdercoating.... they pretty much require totally different equipment to do, so you're better off looking in the phone book under powdercoating... or google "Powder coating Jupiter, FL"

this is what I found... I dont know if they are nearby... but this is a start:
Matrix Coatings Inc - 9.4 miles S - 3575 Investment Ln, Riviera Beach, 33404 - (561) 848-1288
Ace Powder Coating - 11 miles S - 1040 W 17th St, Riviera Beach, 33404 - (561) 844-7859
Thanks! I did google this but for some reason, nothing came up. These aren't far and I'll try them.

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