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I was bored earlier today, and after watching all the moto stuff on the History Channel the last few days i deceided to lop off the tail of my monster.

I checked Scott's info in that FAQ, and figured i was ready to go. A quick stop by Dale Hardware furnished me with a bunch of brackets and nuts/bolts/washers to build a new mounting device for my license plate.

Once i removed all the plastic crap and tail light, i noticed the seat latch cable could possibly be a problem. Also, on the early models (mines a 96) the seat latch bracket is welded to the frame.. rite where i wanted to cut it (same place Scott did in his FAQ page). I ended up cuting the latch bracket in half.. rite at the grommet point for the latch bracket. I fabbed a little bracket that mounts to the existing seat latch bracket bolts which holds the license plate. It seems to work pretty well, i just got back from a quick ride to zeitgeist in sf and all seems well.

I would post some pics but it looks the same as all the bobbed monster tails.

One thing though, if you are doing the same thing to your monster (early models only?), bend the seat latch cable guide, and flip it upside down.. this will keep the cable from sticking out the rear and hide it under the seat.

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