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FIM Ultimap Flashload experience?

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I'm wondering if anyone here has experence with getting an FIM Ultimap flashload. A dealer here in San Francisco can "flash" the stock ECU on my '00 M900ie for ~180 bucks which, apparently, is the equivalent of getting a replacement chip. These flash loads are apparently limited to just the MY2000 M900; later models and S4s need chips replaced.

There are some dyno results at http://www.moto-one.com.au/performance/900ssfi.html but I'm interested in real world experience as much as charts. Mainly I'm wondering if it would cure some of the low-speed stumbling and lumpiness I'm experiencing. [Of course I'll wait until after my next 12K service to see if it is really just mis-adjusted valves.]
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hi Michael,

i'd check into the reversability of that mod, too.

i rather doubt that the valves can cause your problem but two things that DEFINITELY can are a poor TPS adjustment and needing to enrichen the "trim" adjustment.

imho, most dealers do not like to take the time required to do a real good TPS setup because it's like a 5 step procedure.

good luck,
:) chris
Yes, the mod is reversible. They store your stock settings in the dealer's laptop and can re-load at any time. They offer a money-back guarantee, and reloading your stock setup is how they get you back to square one.

As far as the TPS and 'needling' to enrich the trim adjustment, does this apply to a FI bike too? I'll read the 5 step thing when I have some time away from work. Thanks for the link.
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