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Hey folks,
I got this by email from the FIM people and was wondering if you think it would make a useful FAQ.
Hi, I am writing to inform you of a few options for fuel injected monsters which my company supplies. We have been involved in fuel injected Ducatis since 1988 with the first 851 models and we have numerous solutions for Monsters. First I would like to make some distinctions which may be useful:

Injected Monsters use either the Weber 1.5M ECU or the Weber 5.9M ECU. Both of these are sealed units which do not use replaceble EPROM chips.
It is possible to make CO trim changes to these ECUs using either the Ducati Mathesis tester or our diagnostic software. This is NOT the same as remapping, it simply adds or subtracts a small amount of time from the overall injector pulse width, and therefore affects fuel delivery everywhere.
These ECUs can also have new maps downloaded (or Flashed) into their internal memory. We sell software to do this for the 1.5M ECU, but not the 5.9M ECU.
So owners should not be misled by companies or dealers who claim to have 'remapped' the ECU when all they have done is altered the CO trim, a far inferior procedure.
Our company is the only one in the world which offers remapping capabilities for 1.5m ECUs, where each point in the map can be individually set.

Model Analysis:
M900ie - 2000 - We sell diagnostic software called 'UltiMap Diagnostics' for Win PCs which allows full remapping of the Weber 1.5M ECUs fitted to these bikes. This takes the form of a 'Flashload" from a PC which takes around 2 minutes and is fully reversible (and refundable) to the stock ECUmap as supplied by Ducati. We supply a number of premapped solutions:
UMF043 - Stock M900ie with slipon mufflers and standard cam timing.
UMF045 - Stock M900ie with slipon maufflers and advanced cam timing.

MS4 - 2001-2003 - These bikes use the Weber 5.9M ECU, a newer generation than the M900. We sell a replacement ECU for these models which is plug-and-play, called the U59. This is fully mappable using the same software as above, and comes with one premapped solution for slipon mufflers. We are working on maps for K&N airbox filter/mod, and also for SPS cams in the MS4.

M620, M800, M1000DS - same story as the MS4, using the U59 replacement ECU. We have maps for M620 with slipons, M800 with slipons, and M1000 with slipons.

MS4R - haven't yet tested this model but we will also sell the U59 ECU for this application.

We have distributors world wide. In the USA we have BCM Motorsports, Advanced Motorsports, and Pro Italia Motors. The diagnostic software is targeted at dealers rather than individual owners, but BCM can reflash M900 ECUs by return post.

I hope this information is of use to your list, please use whatever you see as beneficial. Our website carries further info on these products.

Duane Mitchell
UltiMap Pty.Ltd.

I think that would be a great addition Michael....
further thoughts maybe there could be a tuning reference not only for FIM but anything tuning related.....so everyone has access to tuning related links?
for example:

I appreciate when people like Chris add their expertise, like in his following post......it would be nice if there was more of that and perhaps centralized?

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The trim can be adjusted with the MDST tool, as well, BUT people should note that once FIM anything is installed in their ECU, the MDST tool as well as the Duati Mathesis tool will NOT function properly. So, once you get FIM installed, a dealer will not be able to use the diagnostic port.

:) Chris
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