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Fein Multimaster

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Don't laugh, but I saw this @ 0-darkthirty during one of my insomniac nights and thought it would be a GREAT tool to use for cutting (tail chop). Checked out Fein tools and they are seriously a legit/reputable German company. I myself could use this tool for lots of stuff around the house - and projects like a simple tail chop. At $280, its not bad considering the myriad of projects it can tackle. It's pretty cool.

Anyone have this? Is it really any good? PLEASE tell me it isn't Made in China...

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I have had one for years and it is one of the best tools I've ever bought. Built four wooden boats with it's help and used it many times around the house. Allow precision cuts and surface work on wood and FG. It is similar to a tool made to cut apart plaster casts, has small range of motion at high speed. The saws will cut through fiberglass or cF but would not pierce your skin.

That said, I would not use it for a tail chop. The saw blades and accessories are ridiculously expensive. You can do a tail chop very cheap with care and some hand tools.

OTOH, it' a tool. Go get one.
Fein is a German made brand, pretty good stuff once you get over the price. We have a Fein shop-vac at work, I can't get over how quiet that damn thing is.
Snap-On screw driver?

We just naming off tools now?
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