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Fast by Ferracci light weight flywheel (2.7 lbs < stock). Its brand new never installed. Ferracci's website says it fits all 00-05 Ducati models. I dont know of a reason why it wouldnt fit 06 but I dont have anything to back that up. Here is what Ferracci says:

Fast By Ferracci lightweight flywheel will give your motorcycle the acceleration you would not think possible from just a single bolt on item. FBF flywheels are CNC-machined from lightweight billet aluminum. Our flywheel weights are chosen very carefully, they are the perfect balance of strength and lightweight. Because of their reduced weight, energy normally used to turn the heavier stock flywheel is now used to turn your rear wheel! In addition, the reduced mass allows the engine to rev faster and gets you into your power band more quickly. As an added bonus, the reduced weight from the end of the crankshaft will also prolong rod and main bearing life.

I would keep it, but I have other avenues I want to pursue with the SBK at this point. And frankly I really want to get started on a new tattoo project and having money tied up in parts Im not using doesnt help.

Retail is $250. Asking $200 + Shipping ($10 or so)
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